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About Us

Medahead @ Wilgers is an independent medical centre in the heart of Pretoria East. Our team of general and specialist practitioners provide you and your family with holistic medical care. Our doctors have over 70 years combined experience, serving the community in emergency and general practice.

At our centre your family will receive effective and empathetic medical care for their everyday healthcare needs. You will also find specialised care to address the most common major health concerns for families today caused by the stress of a modern lifestyle. These services include allergy testing and management, diabetes care, and alternative treatments to manage depression.

Meet our team

Dr Carien Murray

Dr Carien Murray

MBChB, MPharm Med, MSc Sports Med, Dip Allerg

Speciality: Allergy management, General medicine

I have 15 years experience in GP practice and have worked in emergency as well as general medicine locally and internationally. My special interest is allergy management. There is a great need for specialised allergy care in the Gauteng / Tshwane / Pretoria area and we therefore started the Medahead Allergy Centre. The Allergy Centre aims to deliver a comprehensive service focusing on the work-up, diagnosis, and treatment of all allergy related conditions.

Furthermore, in the past few years, I have practised sports medicine and gained valuable experience in musculoskeletal medicine, exercise medicine and rehabilitation. Currently I am studying ultrasound which provides additional ways to extend conventional examinations. I love treating my patients holistically, where diet, exercise, and a positive attitude are just as important as the medicine prescribed.

Dr Danelle Serfontein

Dr Danélle Serfontein

MBChB, BSc Hons Pharms, Dip PEC, MSc Diabetes (USW) SAQA certified 828631

Speciality: Diabetes care, General medicine, Medico-legal expert

I have spent 17 years in the field of Emergency Medicine and 9 years in General Practice. I have reached a life stage where I understand the value of empowerment and aim to provide my patients with knowledge and insight into their health and wellbeing. It is an honour to be a family practitioner and share in the physical and emotional welfare of the community.

My years of clinical medicine has armed me with invaluable experience in holistic health, general medical care, chronic diseases, obesity and metabolic health. I believe in building strong relationships with my patients to partner with them in understanding and managing their medical challenges.

My special interest is the treatment and diagnosis of diabetes, which has become a world-wide epidemic. This multi-system, growing illness requires a holistic approach and a responsible lifestyle. I enjoy seeing results sprout from good education and evidence-based medicine.

I strive to be a well-balanced person, to live a well-balanced life, to tread softly and always keep on growing.

Dr Anita Groenewald

Dr Anita Groenewald

MBChB, MFGP, M Fam Med, MSc Sport Med, MSc Emergency Med, Dip PEC, Sedation and pain management for medical and dental procedures

Speciality: Ketamine therapy, Sedationist, Family physician

My primary area of focus within our practice is in Ketamine therapy; a treatment for patients suffering from major depression or chronic pain syndromes. I am also involved with Sedation for various medical procedures.

During the past 30 years I have been privileged to work in Emergency Medicine in various settings - from the military, the NHS system in the United Kingdom, as well as the private emergency sector in South Africa. It has also been my privilege to assist with training in the emergency field, including short emergency courses and as a part-time lecturer at the Emergency Division, Wits University. I have also served as a member of council of the Emergency College (2014 - 2020), College of Medicine (SA), as well as executive committee member of the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa.

Dr Franita Hoon

Dr Franita Hoon


Speciality: Ketamine therapy, Sedationist, General medicine

I have 15 years of experience in general and emergency medicine, including acting as Senior Medical Officer at Botshabelo Hospital in the Free State, practising private emergency medicine at Wilgers Trauma, and two stints in Sierra Leone treating injuries and endemic diseases like malaria and typhoid.

My experience has taught me to think independently, and to act quickly and decisively. I believe that compassion and insight into your patients' needs play a large role in being a successful doctor.

Dr Lee-Anne Milton

Dr Lee-Anne Milton


Speciality: General medicine

After qualifying as a medical doctor 20 years ago, I started my professional career at 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria, gaining valuable experience as an Emergency / Trauma Medical Officer. This was followed by joining the United States Peace Corps office in Pretoria as a Regional Medical Officer for Southern Africa (2004 - 2008), during which time I assisted with consults, evacuations and other other clinical reviews for Peace Corps Volunteers who needed advanced medical care that could not be provided in their service countries.

Finally, I joined the team of emergency clinicians at Wilgers Trauma that now forms the team at Medahead @ Wilgers.

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