Welcome to our Practice


The team at MedAhead @ Wilgers have been working together in a 24-hour emergency practice for many years. We have come to know each other’s integrity, work ethics and moral conduct.

We strive to provide our patients with excellent, holistic care and can offer many years of experience to our patients.

We believe that the medical industry in South Africa is facing many challenges, amongst others a severe shortage in medical expertise. We care and we pride ourselves in playing a special role in the private medical market.

We have chosen to serve the community of Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa… and we strive to continue the level of care that our patients had become accustomed to.


 We care about people and the well-being of our community by striving to deliver a world-class comprehensive  medical service that is responsive and empathetic towards our patients and their families.

World-class refers to uncompromising medical care that adheres to international best practice.

Responsive refers to efficient and professional service both during and after the patient’s visit.

Empathetic refers to a way of treating people that makes them feel understood and cared for.

Telephone Number: 012 816 8210

Email:  info@medahead.co.za

Address: 21 Wattle Cresc, The Willows Ext 14


Photos taken by:  “Picture me and u”   http://picturemeandu.com/